• Welcome to MacLean Financial Group

    Since 1990, MacLean Financial Group has been dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build, protect and preserve their wealth. Our advisors draw on this heritage of excellence to provide important perspective when counseling investors on their financial management needs. No matter what you hope to achieve, we strive to help fulfill your financial goals through all stages of life.

    Securing Your Financial Future

    You deserve the highest standard of care possible. Our advisors value your uniqueness, your history, and your goals. As a fully independent company, we affirm our objectivity and freedom to choose only the solutions that best fit your objectives. Through all market conditions, our advisors endeavor to simplify the complexities of your financial life so you can focus on the things you value most.

    Build Your Assets

    With a clear representation of your values, we help build a collaborative and technological approach in designing an easy to follow plan. Your plan will clearly define action items to identify where you stand in relation to your goal at any point in time. Applying your action items will help you accumulate a level of assets required to support your lifestyle when you retire.

    Protect Your Hard Work

    Healthy values should be protected from potential catastrophes and the enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. We are about helping you enjoy your life.

    Preserve Your Legacy

    Proper asset positioning can be the key to preserving your standard of living through any negative economic cycle.