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Our Team

Hawley MacLean

President & CEO

775-329-3041 x 105

In 1990, Hawley founded MacLean Financial Group with one purpose; to help clients promote and protect their financial freedom for a net positive plan through all of life’s transitions. His family has been involved with...

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Dan Springer

Director Wealth Planning Team

775-329-3041 x 120

As the Director of our Wealth Planning Team, Dan has dedicated his expertise to helping our clients protect and grow their hard-earned assets. Through his high-level of education, industry experience and licensing processes, Dan has...

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Lori Daniel

Wealth Advisor

775-329-3041 x 107

As a Wealth Advisor at MacLean Financial Group, Lori specializes in helping clients build greater confidence in their future. With female business owners in particular, Lori thrives in building tailored strategies to achieve financial...

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Bill Dreher

Wealth Advisor

775-329-3041 x 113

A veteran of the financial services industry for over 25 years, Bill Dreher adheres to a values-based approach to help clients make informed choices about their money and investments. Licensed in Nevada, California and Idaho for...
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Carissa Thomas

Director of Operations



Carissa Thomas was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, and earned her Bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in mathematics from the University of Nevada, Reno (2022). Not two weeks after graduating, she joined MacLean Financial...
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